Monday, May 19, 2008


I love my Boyfriend Dearly, but he is SOOO neurotic sometimes. He is not only afraid of water (he takes showers and all, but you'll never see him near a swimming pool or a lake or anything), and is obsessed with not showing his chest in public, and also deathly afraid of bugs. (I have a bit of fun with that one honestly) but he is firmly convinced that the quaker Oat guy is evil! He actually believes that he will steal my soul if I eat quaker oats! I'm not kidding! However...I completely disreguard his neurosis becuause I love Oatmeal dangit and I'm going to eat it! He freaked out on me when I put a box of the quaker oaty goodness into the shopping carrage. Some things about him will always remain a mystery I suppose. How can anyone believe the Quaker Oat guy is evil? LMAO!

Friday, May 2, 2008

My messed up life

Ok...So today started out just like any other day. I woke up a few minutes after my boyfriend got out of bed for work. Made some coffee and he and I sat together and had our little good morning ritual. Our roommate Mia seemed in rather high spirits as she went about the house preparing for work (my bf and roomie work in the same office building). Everything seemed to go as normal as things can, for around here. They both headed off to work and then Mia comes home early a little after noon time, and goes straight to her room (which isn't really all THAT unusual, I just figured she came home for lunch as she sometimes does). But then my bf comes home just minutes after her. I greet him with a hug and noticed he had a rather disturbed look on his face. I ask him what's wrong, and he said Mia was going to go to the hospital. Of course I asked why and he tells me she had been having heart palpitations and a tightness in her throat and dizzy spells and work sent her home to go to the hospital. So of course we all trekked down to the hospital. She was there for HOURS, which is nothing new to me really, but around 9:30pm they tell us she will be admitted overnight for observation. big deal....however, I wasn't exactly expecting to spend the NIGHT at the hospital and I had already been a couple days without a shower, so I decided that I was going to go home and meet them back there in the morning...Unfortunately, I don't have a car, so I had to take the bus. (keep in mind...I'm not from Dallas) so we called a friend up to look up the bus routs on the Internet and she said I needed to take the 488 bus to Farmer's Branch in Valley View. not being from Dallas but rather a small town in New Hampshire went along with the plans, and figured they would know better than I would about how to get home. So I hopped on the bus and away I went. I was on that thing for what seemed like forever before finally getting a moment to talk to the bus driver. I asked him when my stop was coming up and he told me that bus didn't go anywhere NEAR where I needed to go. (Keep in mind it's nearly midnight now and I'm in one of the biggest cities in Texas and don't have a CLUE where I am) So the bus driver drops me off in the middle of some town called Addison (apparently on the outskirts of where I need to go, however I didn't know this at the time...remember....I'm not from Dallas) So I wander around for about 1/2 an hour until I run into a tattoo parlor that for some ungodly reason was still open. And asked this rather nice gentleman with an upside down pentagram on his shirt and tattoos all the way up his arm where I was at exactly, and that is how I found out I was in Addison. At this point it donned on me that my boyfriend had forgotten to give me the keys to get in the house. So I decided to try and get back to Medical City Hospital where my roommate and boyfriend were still going through the hospital rig-a-ma-roll, as going home would probably be a lost cause. So I asked the gentleman if he knew of anyone who could give me a lift there. He said he didn't know anyone, but if I went to the shell station about a 1/4 mile down the road and asked around maybe someone would be nice enough to take me there. So I did. I must have stood out there approaching people for about a 1/2 hour feeling like a total loser, before I decided I was wasting my time since everyone I talked to said they were going to work...AT MIDNIGHT mind you. So finally, I got fed up and went inside the shell station and asked the teller there to call the cops to see if they can find a way to get me back to the Hospital. Well, a cop showed up, and wouldn't ya know it, it was the K-9 unit. lol! (cute dog though, I must say...I love dogs) So the cop tells me I'm actually closer to my house than I am to the my brain starts spinning and I figure I can go home try to break in the back window, and if that doesn't work, I can call someone from my neighbor's house as a last resort, but I HAD to get some place at least familiar. however...due to restrictions of the local police in Addison he could only bring me to the Addison/Farmer's Branch city line. (keep in mind...Farmer's branch is pretty big) so once he dropped me off, it was like 12:15 AM and I'm getting pretty darned tired and stressed to the hilt by this point. But he tells me that if I keep walking straight, I should come to one of the two Walmarts in Farmer's branch, and that he HOPED it was the one that I lived close to, as I have only been here a short time and had no idea Farmer's branch had more than one Walmart...(leave it to Texas to have an over abundance of I see why they pick on them for being red-necks...ANYWAY on with the story) so I walk some more (by this time my feet are getting blisters) FINALLY...around 12:45 am or so, I find the Walmart, and by the grace of the GODS it's the one I was hoping it from here I know my way, and I make it home, but remember....I don't have the key on me. SO I have to sneak around the back of the house (thank god I don't live on the second floor) and break in through the window. I felt like a thief and was paranoid someone would hear me and look out their window and call the cops on me. But luckily no one did...then I got to thinking...What if I WERE a burglar? It was WAY too easy to break into this place. So I think tomorrow, I'm going to invest in a brinks security system for the house and remember to take my keys with me next time I leave the house whether I'm with them or not.