Monday, October 13, 2008

Nifty little gadgets

What a fun item that's sure to get everyone wanting one! On the go and don't know the time? This is your solution. Plus it has a flashlight to help you find your way.The handy projection clock, can shine an image of a clock onto just about any surface. With clear and sharp numbers, even if you are shortsighted or in the dark area, you still can identify the time correctly. Put it on your keychain, keep it by your nightstand... you'll love it. One thing you're going to want to do is buy more than one! Everyone is fascinated by this. FEATURES:- Pocket size with key ring design Projection Clock- Bright LED Flashlight- Elegant, portable and glossy design - Projects onto any surface and shows date and time- Dimension: 7 x 3 x 2 cm- Power: DC 1.5V (1 x AG3) for clock (INCLUDED) DC 3.0V(2 x AG13) for projection (INCLUDED)


These polymer pearls are created by simply adding water and can hold 100 times their weight in water! This causes the water absorbent beads to expand into perfect miniature spheres. Use them to add some extra color to your decorating scheme, centerpiece, candlescape, etc. Use separately or mix colors in one vase for a stellar effect! As little as 2 ounces will create approximately 5.75L or 1.5 gallons of hydrated water pearls! Water pearls are reusable and will fit down the smallest vase openings (i.e. tower vases) Non-toxic and biodegradable.

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Super Slim iPod Like 1GB MP3/MP4 Player by Coby

This Digital MP3/MP4 player, made by Coby, is more than just a music machine. You can store photos, playback some movies, record your voice... even listen to the FM radio! You can even download text files and read them anytime you like. Power it two ways -- plug it into the battery charger, or plug it into your computer. It fits right in the palm of your hand. It has the look and the feel of an iPod but it's HALF THE PRICEMade and backed by Coby Electronics for a guaranteed quality product designed to deliver outstanding performance! PRODUCT FEATURES:- 1.66" TFT LCD full-color display (160 x 128)- Elegant touchpad interface control- Plays music, video, photos, and text- Plays digital music from most online stores and subscription services- ID3 and LRC support for song and synchronized lyric information display- Integrated FM radio and recorder- Integrated microphone for digital voice recording- USB 2.0 for ultra-fast file transfers- Touchpad Control Panel with LED backlight- Stores up to 33 hours of music (roughly 500 songs)ACCESSORIES INCLUDED- Professional Stereo Earphones- USB Cable- Video Conversion Software CD- 800# Support for any questions

Auto Hand Grips
NEVER STRUGGLE TO GET OUT OF THE CAR AGAIN! This innovative handle is perfect for the millions of people who have trouble getting in and out of the backseat of a car. Hooks onto the back of the car headrest post allowing you to hold onto something with both hands when entering and exiting your car, truck or van. Features:- Soft cushioned grips fits comfortably in your hand- No Installation needed- Works on any car, truck or van- Adds extra stability for passengers- Can easily be moved from car to car- Supports up to 220 lbs
The Easy Towel
EZ Towel is a compacted towel, about the size of 5 stacked nickels in its original form. All you do is add water and watch it grow. Simply unroll the EZ Towel and use it as you wish. Opened up, the EZ Towel is 8 1/2" X 9 1/2", a full sized towel! Each bag of EZ Towels contains 50 towels. Unlike paper towels, EZ Towels are durable, soft and absorbable. One EZ Towel does the work of over 10 paper napkins! It is made of 100% Rayon and is bio-degradable. Great For home, office, restaurants, school, daycare, camping, fishing and more!!!
BONUS: Each bag comes with a FREE carrying tube!

marrage proposal from hell

Authorities in Hudson, Florida, said they have arrested awoman who allegedly threw knives at her boyfriend duringan argument about a marriage proposal.
The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said Celeste Irene Lagrant,39, was charged with domestic battery and aggravated domesticassault after she allegedly punched, scratched and threwknives at her boyfriend, Bruce Montle.
The office said the dispute began as an argument about amarriage proposal — however, it is unclear whether one wasmade — and escalated into a physical confrontation whenLagrant inflicted scratches and bruises on Montle.
Montle told authorities he fled and dialed 911 after Lagrantstarted throwing knives at him. Lagrant was released on herown recognizance.

ok....I'm not sure if this lady realizes it or not, but throwing knives at your mate is not the best way to get a marriage proposal out of him. LMAO!

World's Dumbest Robber

NEW YORK - An armored car guard has been arrested fora New York heist thanks to surveillance footage and aconcerned text message to his co-worker, police allege.Police said 34-year-old Robert Blackmon allegedly madeoff with $330,000 during an armored car heist Tuesday,and then contacted the co-worker he robbed via textmessage to make sure she was all right, the New YorkPost reported. Blackmon was allegedly photographed sixtimes by an automated teller machine camera during theheist, the report said. Police said Blackmon lied so hecould get off of work Tuesday and then used a gun to robhis co-worker, Janell Nelson, as she was leaving a bankwith a cash delivery. After being identified by hismanager, Blackmon was arrested, the report said.Blackmon’s lawyer told Post “he would have to be fairlystupid to rob someone who knows him without a mask.”

Viper Loses Battle With a Mouse

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwan firefighters caring for a foot-long viper tossed a tiny mouse in the cage as a snack butthen watched as the mouse turned mighty and killed thesnake. The furry little rodent skirted in and out of rangeof the snake’s gaping jaws and long fangs, darted in fora bite, then skittered away, constantly on the attack. Atthe end of a fierce 30-minute battle at the Nanoun firestation, the snake was dead and the mouse had “barely ascratch on him,” one fireman told The Daily Telegraph.