Monday, May 19, 2008


I love my Boyfriend Dearly, but he is SOOO neurotic sometimes. He is not only afraid of water (he takes showers and all, but you'll never see him near a swimming pool or a lake or anything), and is obsessed with not showing his chest in public, and also deathly afraid of bugs. (I have a bit of fun with that one honestly) but he is firmly convinced that the quaker Oat guy is evil! He actually believes that he will steal my soul if I eat quaker oats! I'm not kidding! However...I completely disreguard his neurosis becuause I love Oatmeal dangit and I'm going to eat it! He freaked out on me when I put a box of the quaker oaty goodness into the shopping carrage. Some things about him will always remain a mystery I suppose. How can anyone believe the Quaker Oat guy is evil? LMAO!


RoxiticusDH said...

Ooh, look at me smiling out from your EntreCard today! You would not believe what goes on here at night when you are fast asleep. Don't worry, what happens with Roxy stays with Roxy....thanks for letting me "advertise" with you.

raven61775 said...

not a problem roxy. Just about to post some crazy video I ran across today. you're never going to believe THIS one. lol