Monday, October 13, 2008

World's Dumbest Robber

NEW YORK - An armored car guard has been arrested fora New York heist thanks to surveillance footage and aconcerned text message to his co-worker, police allege.Police said 34-year-old Robert Blackmon allegedly madeoff with $330,000 during an armored car heist Tuesday,and then contacted the co-worker he robbed via textmessage to make sure she was all right, the New YorkPost reported. Blackmon was allegedly photographed sixtimes by an automated teller machine camera during theheist, the report said. Police said Blackmon lied so hecould get off of work Tuesday and then used a gun to robhis co-worker, Janell Nelson, as she was leaving a bankwith a cash delivery. After being identified by hismanager, Blackmon was arrested, the report said.Blackmon’s lawyer told Post “he would have to be fairlystupid to rob someone who knows him without a mask.”

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