Monday, October 13, 2008

marrage proposal from hell

Authorities in Hudson, Florida, said they have arrested awoman who allegedly threw knives at her boyfriend duringan argument about a marriage proposal.
The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said Celeste Irene Lagrant,39, was charged with domestic battery and aggravated domesticassault after she allegedly punched, scratched and threwknives at her boyfriend, Bruce Montle.
The office said the dispute began as an argument about amarriage proposal — however, it is unclear whether one wasmade — and escalated into a physical confrontation whenLagrant inflicted scratches and bruises on Montle.
Montle told authorities he fled and dialed 911 after Lagrantstarted throwing knives at him. Lagrant was released on herown recognizance.

ok....I'm not sure if this lady realizes it or not, but throwing knives at your mate is not the best way to get a marriage proposal out of him. LMAO!

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